DWQA ForumCategory: Questionsunable to install murasu anjal after laptop reformat
usv_nathan@yahoo.com asked 2 years ago

hi, my laptop recently crashed and i had to reformat it again. After reformat i’m unable to install murasu anjal with the serial no that i have.
It shows error msg: Invalid serial number. Please check your serial number and try again.
kindly assist.

sethu@murasu.com Staff replied 2 years ago

Dear Nathan,
Our log shows that you have installed at timestamp: 2019-12-26 20:15:51.

1 Answers
sethu@murasu.com Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Nathan,

You may have to re-download the updated Anjal10 installer.
Please refer the below screenshot as a reference to download.

You may use the same serial number to reactivate Anjal10.


Anjal10 installer Download Links.

We hope this helps.

Thank you.

Anjal Support Team.