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arasu2585@yahoo.com asked 5 years ago

im unable to complete the installation process
i alrdy snd the mail to ur support team
until now no reply.. pls help me to solve thz prob n
its really urgent since i need to use ur software to complete my project

admin Staff replied 5 years ago

Dear Arasu, We believe your issue has been resolved. Please allow up to 24 hours during weekdays for our team to respond. Thank you for using Murasu Anjal.

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sethu@murasu.com Staff answered 3 years ago

Whenever a support email is sent by users to support@anjal.net, the reply will be within 24hrs. There are possibilities sometimes the reply doesn\’t get delivered to sender’s inbox, it would be marked as spam and delivered to spam or junk folder of your mailbox.This is how users would miss our replies most often.However, we will take note on your