Personal Edition

Murasu Anjal 10 Personal Edition is packaged for users who just need the best Tamil input software and professionally crafted high quality Tamil fonts that comply with industry standards.

With a Murasu Anjal 10 Personal Edition License, you can use the software anywhere as long as it is for your personal, non-commercial use. This license can also be used in government schools or non-profit private schools and academic institutions.

The personal edition does not include telephone support. However, you can email us at ‘’ for installation support. You also welcome to post your questions in the forums. There may be other users who may have solved a problem you are facing and may offer suggestions.

If you like to use Murasu Anjal 10 for your business, company or institution, you need to get the Premium Edition License instead. If you or your institution needs an official quote from us, you will have to purchase the Premium Edition as well. This is even if it is a government ministry, school or non-profit academic institution.



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