You have installed Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition in your Windows computer. You can switch to Tamil and start typing by pressing the Winkey + Spacebar keys. You can also change the language by clicking the language name at the bottom left corner of the screen:


Changing the keyboard layout

Murasu Anjal uses the Tamil Anjal keyboard by default. You can change this to Tamil99 with the help of the language bar in Windows. Here’s how you do it:

1. Open Windows Settings and select “Time and Language“. From this screen, select “Typing“.

2. Selet “Advanced keyboard settings“.

3. Check the ‘Use the desktop language bar when it’s available‘ item.

4. This will show a floating language bar on the screen. Select the Tamil option, choose Murasu Anjal and from the second Anjal icon, you can choose your keyboard.




Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition comes bundled with 2 fonts: Anjal InaiMathi and Anjal Chittu:


Upgrading to the full version

You can upgrade your Muthal Edition to the Full Edition of Murasu Anjal at anytime by purchasing the option that suits you. Purchasing can be done at the Anjal Store. You will have to uninstall the Muthal Edition before installing the Full Edition.