Murasu Anjal for Windows 10 – 32/64bit

Murasu Anjal version 10.1.31 has been released!

Besides minor bug fixes, this version was built to officially support Windows 10. In addition, you can now type in Tamil on 64bit applications, including the 64bit version of Microsoft Office.

You may use your existing serial numbers to install and activate this version.

Here is a quick step by step guide on how you can get updated:

1. Download the new version.

You may download the new version from the downloads page. Keep your serial number handy as you will need it in order to download.

2. Uninstall the old version

If you have an earlier version of Murasu Anjal installed you must first uninstall it before you install the new version. Note that you cannot install Murasu Anjal Muthal Nilai Edition and the Personal/Premium editions on the same computer. You must uninstall ALL versions of Murasu Anjal before you install Murasu Anjal 10.

3. Use the same email address and serial number

You must enter the same email address that you used to purchase Murasu Anjal 10 and the same serial number that was sent to you when you purchased.

4. You are all set!

Once installed, you can now type Tamil in Windows applications. If you are running a 64bit version of Windows, try typing into Wordpad and Note pad. On a 64bit Windows machine, these are 64bit applications.

Note that you can also run 32bit applications on 64bit Windows. Murasu Anjal will work seamlessly across these applications.

If you have any issues, check our FAQ page and User Forum. Start a discussion by posting your questions in the forums. We or some other users will be able to assist you.


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Murasu Anjal for Windows 10 – 32/64bit