Murasu Anjal for 64bit Office

There are 2 versions of MS Office: the 32bit version and the 64bit version. Microsoft explains the difference here.

Previously, it was not possible to type Tamil text into 64bit versions of MS Office with Murasu Anjal.  Version 10.1.31 of Murasu Anjal removes this limitation.

In general, you need not worry if your version of Office is 32 or 64bit. Murasu Anjal will seamlessly work across both these versions. However, there is one function for which you may need to install additional software: the Add-In that performs text conversion from old formats, like TSCII and TAM to Unicode.

If you are using 32bit version of MS Office, you do not have to do anything other than installing Murasu Anjal. You have everything you need in the single installer. Note that ever if your Windows is 64bit, your MS Office may still be 32bit. This is perfectly normal. You only need to install the 64bit Add-In if your MS Office is 64bit.

Here are some notes for you:

1. How do I know if I need to download the 64bit Add-In?

You only need to download the installer for the Add-In you are using 64bit version of MS Office. You can check your MS Office version by clicking File -> Account -> About on any of the office applications. The screen shot below shows the ‘Account’ window and the window that pops up when ‘About Word’ is clicked. This is from a 64bit version of MS Office.



2. I am a new user. I do not have any old documents to convert. Do I still need to install the Add-Ins?

No, you do not need to install the Add-Ins if you do not need to convert old documents. You can just install Murasu Anjal alone.

3. My Windows is 64bit but my MS Office is 32 bit. Do I need to install the Add-Ins?

No, you don’t need to install the additional Add-Ins package. The Add-Ins for 32Bit Office is already included in the Murasu Anjal 10 installer.

What is new in the converter Add-In?

There are no new features in the converter Add-In. However, some bugs have been fixed and the label in the converter has changed a little. As a result, you may see two buttons if the previous version of the converter was not completely removed during Murasu Anjal’s uninstall process. You can easily remove the old one by right-clicking on the old Add-In and selecting ‘Delete Custom Command’.  The screen shot below shows both the Add-Ins in the Ribbon Bar and the right click menu on the old one.



Murasu Anjal for 64bit Office

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