Murasu Anjal 10, introduces a completely redesigned set of components. Each of the components takes advantage of the operating system services to bring out the best utilities for Tamil while staying conformant to the standards for better co-existence with other languages like Hindi, Chinese and Arabic.

This release includes companion tools that will help users create Tamil content with improved ease of use and compatibility with all the common software, specifically Office and Web applications

Overview of key features:

Input Methods

Unlike previous versions of Murasu Anjal that provided keyboard drivers, Murasu Anjal 10 provides Input Methods based on Text Services Framework. This ensures compatibility with all Unicode supported applications and future versions of Windows and Mac OS X.

If you have used previous versions of Murasu Anjal, you had to start Anjal and keep it running in the background. You need not do this with Anjal 10. The input methods are installed as part of Windows. You activate Tamil input using the Language Bar.

The user guide provides complete details on how to use the Language Bar.

Visual Keyboard and Character Palette

To assist new users who want to learn the Tamil99 keyboard layout, the Tamil99 Visual keyboard is provided so that users can click through the keys to input text or use it as an on-screen reference while typing on the physical keyboard. The Character Palette allows users to select Tamil symbols and numerals that are not mapped to the keyboard layout.

Lookup Word with Lifco Tamil-English Dictionary

The complete Tamil-English Dictionary is bundled into Anjal. This will allow users to lookup the words and check their meanings, as they are composed.

Anjal Unicode Fonts

Twenty four professionally designed Tamil Unicode fonts are included. Some of them are provided with regular and bold variants for better contrast between body text and headings. In addition, Anjal InaiMathi Schoolbook font is specifically adapted to comply with the written form of Tamil alphabets as approved by Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Document converter Add-In for MS Office

Old documents created in legacy encoding such as TSCII, TAB or TAM can be converted to Unicode with the converter embedded into Office applications. For the first time, users will be able to convert even PowerPoint and Excel documents. This add-in is available only in the Microsoft Windows version.

File Converter for HTML and Text Documents

Legacy documents in TXT or HTML files can be converted using the file converter. Users just drag-and-drop these files and the converter creates Unicode versions of the files. Many files can be selected and dropped into the converter for a batch conversion.

Anjal PDF Writer

PDF is vital for exchanging documents with others while retaining the formatting information. For this reason, Anjal includes a PDF writer, which is installed as a virtual printer. PDF files can be created from any application by just printing to Anjal PDF Writer.

Anjal.Net Community Portal

This online portal is created for users to exchange views, participate in forums, create blogs and read regularly posted articles and guides on Murasu Anjal software. Membership is open to all Anjal users.

Murasu Anjal can be purchased online from here :