Murasu Anjal 10 for Windows

Adobe Indesign: Sri ஸ்ரீ not showing when I type ‘sri’

Why I am getting ஸ்ரி when I type sri, it should be ஸ்ரீ.
Please use the work-around shown below in order to obtain ஸ்ரீ correctly in Adobe Applications.


If you are using an authorized Adobe software you may want to send a feedback or report to Adobe support to fix this issue.


How to download and install Murasu Anjal10 for Windows – Complete Guide

Please watch the video completely to have an understanding of the whole process of Installation and setup of Murasu Anjal 10 software.

You will receive an email from Murasu Anjal License Centre with the login credentials and serial number upon a successful online transaction or cash/cheque order. Use your login information to download and install. Please refer to the video guide.

This video guide includes, download, installation, language bar and keyboard selection (Anjal, Tamil99, Typewriter, etc..), Windows update .net pop-up and finally the conversion of TSC and other non-standard encoded Tamil text in Microsoft Word.

How to obtain the Anjal, Tamil99, Typewriter, Visual Keyboard, in Anjal10

I have installed but when I type, the characters are not in place as desired. How do i enable the keyboard that I prefer or used to? Murasu Anjal10 has 8 keyboard embedded in the software. Use the video guide to obtain your desired keyboard.

Choose your preferred keyboard to type Tamil.

Anjal: anbu = அன்பு
Tamil99: aifjd = அன்பு

How to use the Murasu Anjal Add-Ins for 64bit MS Office Converter

Visit for detailed explanation of how to use the converter.

Here is the simple reference of video guide to show you how to use the converter, if it may help you.



I have not received serial number after my purchase.

The serial number will be delivered to your registered email upon a successful transaction. Sometimes, the email containing the serial number would have dropped into spam or junk folder. You may want to check there for your serial number.

Tamil Text is not displaying correctly in Adobe Indesign CC

I am using Adobe InDesign CC 2018 in Windows 10 64bit with Microsoft Office 365.
I have composed Tamil text in Microsoft Word. When I type or copy paste Tamil text from Microsoft Word or from a website, the text is not displaying correctly in Adobe InDesign.

It shows boxes highlighted in red. After changing the font to Anjal Inaimathi or any other Anjal tamil font, the text appear in Tamil but the characters are mixed such as modifiers or kombu and thunai kaal are not in place.


New and improved features for working in Tamil and other East Asian languages are available in the latest edition of Adobe InDesign CC.

Adobe World-Ready Composers

Adobe World-Ready composers enable you to create content in Tamil language. You can type in, and mix between, English, Tamil other Indian languages.

You can choose between available composers from the Paragraph panel menu (Windows > Paragraph > panel menu). For example, in InDesign, you can use the Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer. Or in Illustrator, you can use the Middle Eastern Single-line Composer.

Alternatively,  go to Edit > Preferences>Advanced Type> Select Adobe World-Ready Paragraph Composer and click close.


Please refer to the series of screenshots to enable Tamil text to render correctly.



When I switch to Tamil(த), dot .net framework update window keeps popping up

I have installed and activated Anjal10 but when I toggle the language from English(EN) to Tamil India (Anjal) த,
the dot net framework update window keeps popping up. How to fix?
Refer to the video guide to resolve the error.
Please ensure that you have a good internet connection to perform this task.

Murasu Anjal10 for macOS

Adobe Indesign: Sri ஸ்ரீ not showing when I type ‘sri’

Why I am getting ஸ்ரி when I type sri, it should be ஸ்ரீ.
Please use the work-around shown below in order to obtain ஸ்ரீ correctly in Adobe Applications.


If you are using an authorized Adobe software you may want to send a feedback or report to Adobe support to fix this issue.


How to enable Tamil typing in macOS

System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources, click + to search and add Tamil then choose your preferred Anjal or Tamil99 keyboard.

You are ready to type in Tamil(தமிழ்) in macOS across all the applications.


Muthal Nilai Pathippu

How to obtain Tamil99-[Singapore MOE] Keyboard in Anjal Muthal Edition

Use this video guide to find the Tamil99-[MOE-Singapore] Keyboard.


Sometimes, the Windows will have additional Tamil Language input in the list. This addition is installed automatically by your Windows update whenever it detects Tamil documents in your system. If you have installed Anjal, you need to remove the Windows’ installed Tamil(India) input. Refer to the video guide on how to remove and retain Murasu Anjal with Anjal or Tamil99 keyboard.

I am not able to type in Tamil on Notepad and WordPad in Windows 64bits

The first version of Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition was a 32 bit application. Thus it only worked on 32 bit applications. The version downloaded after the 1st of April 2016 will work on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows and applications. If you have downloaded the earlier version, and need to use Tamil in 64bit applications, uninstall Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition and then download and install the new version.

I have entered my name and email address, but I did not get any email

Please check to see that you have entered the correct email address. You may also want to check your spam or junk mail folder to see if the email was put there by your mail reader.

You may enter your name and email any number of times to get a free serial number. Therefore, if you did not receive the email the first time, try again with a working email address preferably with a gmail email address.

Murasu Anjal-Muthal Pathippu Installation and Configuration (Free Edition)

How to download and install Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition.Muthal Edition is a free edition meant for students, teachers and personal use.
If you have bought Murasu Anjal10, please download the Murasu Anjal10 for Windows installer using the login credentials that was sent to you from Grow Momentum.

Murasu Anjal10 email & serial number will not work with Muthal Edition installer.


In some cases, Murasu Anjal may not show in the Language Bar, even when the installation goes through successfully. In this situation, only the Tamil (India) option may appear in the language bar.

To solve this, perform the following 3 steps:

1. Uninstall Murasu Anjal by opening Control Panel, selecting Anjal and click Uninstall.


2. Remove Tamil from the language options:


3. Now, install Murasu Anjal again. Once the installation completes, you should be able to select Murasu Anjal from the language bar.
If you still can’t, follow the next two steps.

4.  Go back to the control panel settings and this time, select ‘Advance Settings’


5. Check and ensure the settings as below:


6. Refer to the Muthal Nilai Pathippu section below for additional guidance on Language Bar in Windows 10.


What is the difference between Muthal, Personal and Premium Editions

Muthal Nilai Pathippu (முதல் நிலைப் பதிப்பு), which means first level edition, is meant for people to get started with Tamil text input. You can download it for FREE.

Personal Edition is the full works of Murasu Anjal. It includes fonts, keyboards, lookup dictionary and conversion tools that lets you convert old MS Office documents to Unicode.

Premium Edition has the same software components as Personal Edition. The difference is in the licensing. With a Premium Edition license, you can use the software in business environments.