Murasu Anjal is a suite of software tools that help create, edit, convert and publish Tamil content on Windows and Mac OS X operating environments.

The software was first developed in 1985 by Muthu Nedumaran, as a hobby, on a personal computer running MS DOS 3.1 operating system. Features of the software were regularly updated year after year. Murasu Anjal 5.0, the first version to run on Microsoft Windows operating environment (Windows 3.0) was released in 1991. Mac OS version of Murasu Anjal was included as part of the operating system by Apple in 2004 (Mac OS 10.4).

Murasu Anjal changed the Tamil publishing landscape in Malaysia from the day it was first introduced. Almost all daily, weekly and monthly publications and printed books in the country were produced with Murasu Anjal. The Malaysian government, in 2002 and subsequently in 2003 standardised as the software to be used in all the 523 Tamil schools in the country.

Today Murasu Anjal is used by hundreds of thousands of users world-wide.

Murasu Systems released version 10 of the software suite on 14 March 2010. Murasu Anjal 10 involves major re-engineering with most of the pieces re-developed from scratch. It will be developed for modern operating systems with modern input method technologies and software development platforms.

Murasu Anjal 10 will include software companion tools that will help users create Tamil content: A highly sophisticated input method editor, look-up word dictionary, visual keyboard and error checking on illegal character combinations.

Legacy documents composed with older encoding formats like TSCII, TAB and Murasu-6 can be converted to Unicode with Anjal’s embedded conversion tools.

The new version will continue to include it’s high quality Tamil Unicode fonts. The commercial version will be bundled over 24 fonts. Some of the fonts will include bold and italics variants for highly professional print publishing.


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