Anjal does not show in the language bar

In some cases, Murasu Anjal may not show in the Language Bar, even when the installation goes through successfully. In this situation, only the Tamil (India) option may appear in the language bar.

To solve this, perform the following 3 steps:

1. Uninstall Murasu Anjal by opening Control Panel, selecting Anjal and clicking Uninstall


2. Remove Tamil from the language options:


3. Now, install Murasu Anjal again. Once the installation completes, you should be able to select Murasu Anjal from the language bar. If you still can’t, follow the next two steps.

4.  Go back to the control panel settings and this time, select ‘Advance Settings’


5. Check and ensure the settings as below:


Muthal Nilai Pathippu

I am not able to type in Tamil on Notepad and WordPad in Windows 64bits

The first version of Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition was a 32 bit application. Thus it only worked on 32 bit applications. The version downloaded after the 1st of April 2016 will work on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows and applications. If you have downloaded the earlier version, and need to use Tamil in 64bit applications, uninstall Murasu Anjal Muthal Edition and then download and install the new version.

I have entered my name and email address, but I did not get any email

Please check to see that you have entered the correct email address. You may also want to check your spam or junk mail folder to see if the email was put there by your mail reader.

You may enter your name and email any number of times to get a free serial number. Therefore, if you did not receive the email the first time, try again with a working email address.


What is the difference between Muthal, Personal and Premium Editions

Muthal Nilai Pathippu (முதல் நிலைப் பதிப்பு), which means first level edition, is meant for people to get started with Tamil text input. You can download it for FREE.

Personal Edition is the full works of Murasu Anjal. It includes fonts, keyboards, lookup dictionary and conversion tools that lets you convert old MS Office documents to Unicode.

Premium Edition has the same software components as Personal Edition. The difference is in the licensing. With a Premium Edition license, you can use the software in business environments.