Using Anjal Text Services

Preview Release 2 of Murasu Anjal 10 only includes the Input Methods. Fonts and other tools will be included in later releases. 
The community edition includes 8 input methods, while MOE Singapore edition only includes Tamil99 (MOE Singapore).  The 8 input methods are:

  • Anjal
  • Tamil99
  • Tamil99 (MOE Singapore)
  • TamilNet97
  • Murasu-6
  • Mylai
  • Old Typewriter
  • New Typewriter
Unlike previous versions of Anjal, you will not be able to select any other encoding other than Unicode.

Also, you do not have to 'run' Murasu Anjal 10 all the time in order to activate the Input Methods.  They are resident in Windows upon installation.  There is also no "setup" window.  All selections made in the "Language Bar" are remembered.
Once you have installed Anjal 10 following the steps presented in this article, you are ready to compose in Tamil.
Click on the language button at the bottom right of the screen.  The pop-up menu will show you the languages for which input methods (or keyboards) are available.
Let's select "Show the language bar" so we can also see more options.
This action will place the floating language bar at the top of the screen.
Select "TA Tamil (India)".
This will show you the Anjal specific menus.  Select your desired input method from Anjal Options -> Input Method.
The default mode is now Tamil.  To switch, you can use the usual F12 as with previous versions.  Note that you can leave the language option as Tamil and toggle between modes using F12.  This is the recommended way to do mode switching in Anjal.
There are certainly known limitations in the preview release.  We need your feedback to make this work better for you.

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